Arrangements for Massage Treatments in light of Covid-19

Massage treatments re-start from Monday 12th April 2021.  The following guidelines will apply, subject to any updated advice or regulations for close contact services provided by the government or relevant professional bodies.



I am delighted to be able to offer massage treatments again and look forward to welcoming clients back.

At this time of additional stress and social isolation the benefits of touch therapies are even more crucial.

As with many other areas of life there are some changes to how I am working, in order to keep everyone as safe as possible.  I am grateful to clients for following these new processes, to reduce the risk for themselves, myself and my household, and fellow clients.

These procedures have been developed in light of both government guidelines and recommendations from my professional body (Federation of Holistic Therapists).

Firstly consider – is a massage right for you, at this point in time?

Massage therapy brings many benefits for both our physical and mental health.  We would always want to encourage regular massages!  However, there are times when it is best not to have a treatment.

Are you well?

If you are unwell in any way (not just Covid related), please do not come for a massage.  Not only may you be infectious, but your body is busy fighting off your illness and may not respond well to a massage.  The increased in circulation etc. that follows a massage can bring on a healing crisis, leading your illness to spike.

Might you have Covid19, or have been in contact with someone who may have it?

Please do not attend for a treatment if :

  • you have any of the symptoms of Covid 19 (see – if you have these symptoms you should contact 111.
  • you have tested positive for Covid-19 
  • anyone in your household or support bubble have symptoms of Covid 19 or have tested positive
  • you have been in close contact with anyone else in the past 10 days who has symptoms of Covid19 or have tested positive
  • you have been contacted by the NHS test and trace service and told to self isolate.
  • you have recently returned from travelling outside the UK.

If any of the above apply, please wait until the required period of self isolation is complete before attending for a treatment.

If you have previously had Covid 19 but are now well and no longer need to self isolate, you may attend for treatment.  However if you required medical treatment (beyond using over the counter medicines at home) please seek advice from your GP or consultant before booking a treatment.

What is your personal risk?

Although I am doing everything I can to reduce risk to clients, massage therapy does involve close contact and therefore is not risk free.  Please consider your own risk profile and those you are caring for.

If you are classed as an extremely vulnerable person (high risk) and/or required to shield, you are strongly recommended to defer treatments.  I am not currently offering treatments to anyone who falls in this category.

If you are classed as a vulnerable person (moderate risk) it is necessary to decide if the benefit of treatment is likely to outweigh any potential risk.  This includes pregnant clients. You should seek permission from your GP, midwife or consultant before having a treatment.

Have you recently been vaccinated?

We recommend waiting a minimum of 72 hours following vaccination before having a treatment, or until you feel free of side effects (whichever is longer).  

Choice of treatment

The current guidelines stipulate that treatment time should be kept to a minimum and no longer than an hour in total

The treatments available are being reviewed on an ongoing basis, currently I offer the following:

30 minute treatment of back, neck and shoulders

(ass this involves you laying face down this carries the lowest level of risk)


Additional treatments up to a maximum of 60 minutes:

Additional cost:

Legs – additional 15 mins


Feet / hands / head – each – additional 10 mins £5



1 hour full body massage


I am currently not offering facial treatments.

Pre-Appointment Consultation Form

Ahead of your appointment I will send you a consultation form to complete which will include questions relating specifically to Covid19 as well as about your general health.

You will be asked to complete this online and return with an email confirming that the information you have provided is correct and that you consent to treatment. 


I am asking all clients if possible to pay for their treatment using BACS.  This reduces any contact with cash or card machines as well as visits to the bank.  If this presents a problem to you, please get in touch to discuss alternative ways to pay.

Gift vouchers of course remain valid – I will ask for the number on the gift voucher to confirm with my records.

What I am doing to keep my premises and my work as safe as possible

All good massage therapists already work to a high standard of cleanliness and this is an important part of our training.  As such many of these provisions were already in place, however some have been added as additional protection.

For myself as therapist I will be:

  • washing and sanitising my hands before and after each treatment
  • wearing a face shield or goggles and disposable Type 2 mask, in line with government guidance
  • wearing clean therapist clothes for each client and/or wearing a disposable apron over my regular therapist clothes
  • maintaining social distancing before and after treatment

Please note I will not be wearing gloves during the massage – government guidance gives exemption for this where skin to skin contact is crucial for the treatment.

I will also be regularly checking my own temperature and being aware of any risk of Covid19 infection for me and my household.

I will be taking the following precautions with regard to premises/equipment:

  • Leaving additional time between appointments to allow for extra cleaning and ventilating the room
  • Wearing disposable gloves when cleaning the premises
  • Opening the double doors to the garden to allow good ventilation of the room after each client
  • Massage couch thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between clients, with particular attention given to the face rest area
  • All towels and blankets changed in between each client and washed on a high heat setting
  • Touch points such as door handles, light switches cleaned and disinfected
  • Toilet cleaned and disinfected and paper towels available for drying hands
  • Changes where possible to facilitate easier/better cleaning e.g. towels used instead of pillows.
  • Sofa (client seating) covered with a blanket/throw changed between clients and washed thoroughly. Additional cushions have been removed.

Please be aware that I work from my home and had endeavoured to create a relaxing and homely environment, therefore not everything in the room is a wipeable non-porous service e.g. sofa, carpet.  I have taken steps to reduce this risk where possible e.g. as indicated above removing cushions, covering sofa with blanket or sheet for each client.

On the day

  • Please be aware of any new symptoms – if you have any concerns however minor please call to rearrange your appointment. (Equally if I develop symptoms or am required to isolate because of anyone in my household I will contact you to defer)
  • Please try to arrive at the correct time for your appointment.  Please note I do not have a waiting room available. 
  • Attend the appointment on your own if possible – if someone is driving you they should wait in the car
  • Please bring your own bottle of water
  • It is helpful if you can bring as few other personal belongings as possible
  • You are required to wear a face covering for private complementary therapy treatments – please don’t forget your mask! (Exemptions are made for those who are unable to wear a mask for health reasons – if this is the case please mention when booking your appointment so we can ensure suitable alternative arrangements can be made)
  • Please come to the french doors at the front of the property.  These lead directly into the treatment room, limiting contact with other parts of the building.
  • When you arrive I will check that you are well, offer you hand sanitiser to use, and take your temperature with an infrared non- contact thermometer. If your temperature is above 37.8 degrees you will be asked to return home immediately and we will rearrange your appointment once you are well.
  • Assuming there are no changes to your consultation form we will move straight into the treatment.  You will be asked to place all your clothes (including coat) and belongings on the sofa which will be covered in a blanket which is changed for each client.
  • If you feel that wearing a face covering whilst lying face down on the couch would restrict your breathing you may remove your mask when in this position; as we will not be face to face at this point this reduces the risk.   However you will need to wear your mask at all other times during the treatment. 
  • The treatment will proceed as usual. Hopefully at this point you can relax and enjoy a little taste of normality!
  • After your treatment you are welcome to sit for a short while to come round and drink your water.
  • As usual you are welcome to use the bathroom before or after your treatment.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the new arrangements please do get in touch

 NB: If you develop symptoms of Covid19 following a treatment, please keep me informed so I can take the necessary actions.  Thank you