Silver linings: the benefits of online baby massage courses

For many of us the last year has involved spending way more time online than we would normally wish to.  And whilst it has provided us with a great way to stay in touch, we feel it often lacks something compared to “real life”, in-the-same-space interaction (I am in a choir and we can’t wait […]

Lockdown Birthdays and Different Paths

Today is Nurture’s 3rd Birthday! And, like many lockdown birthdays it is not what I expected! When I first started the business, I was often told to expect to take 2-3 years to properly get it going. And that advice seemed to be about right in my experience – year 1 was investment, getting the […]

What is the best age for baby massage classes?

When I’m having initial discussions with parents interested in baby massage, the one question that nearly always comes up is: when is the right age for their baby to come to classes – will their little one be too young or too old? As with so many decisions in life (especially parenting!) there are no […]